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Cost-effective medication for business with our MAP Program services

MAP Program

Reducing Business Costs & Expanding the Reach
of Employee Pharmacy Benefits

MAP Program Pharmacy Services

We support business owners in providing cost-effective medication to their employees and reducing the overall cost of pharmacy benefits offered within your organization.


United/XCel-Rx pharmacy is dedicated to helping business owners stretch their benefit funds to serve employees for optimal health. 


Contact us to learn how much you could save a year!

Upward Curve Cost Savings
Download our poster on PREP

Download our free poster to easily educate your members about PREP.

MAP Program medication free delivery

We’re Here to Serve You

Our MAP program supplies patients with: 

  • A 90-day supply of maintenance medications

  • Always-free home delivery

  • Patient advocacy in insurance matters

  • Proactive cost savings

  • Address coverage issues

  • 24-hour pharmacist support by phone

  • Easy refill options

  • Secure, discrete delivery

  • Easy to use mobile APP.

Contact Us

Reach out to us to find out how we can support your MAP program needs.
Give us a call at:
(877) 888-7282
Email us at:
Fax your prescription to:
(708) 564-5130
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